Timber Floor Care Tips and Techniques

4 Fantastic and Effective Ways to Deodorise Your Timber Floors

Wooden floors can begin to have an off smell especially if proper care is not taken. Since wood is an absorber, it tends to suck in the smells around it including that of dust, pets and spices. So how do you remove any unwanted smells from your timber floors and leave them smelling fresh? Below are 4 easy, cheap and effective ways of deodorising your timber floors.

Air dry

Whether you have recently cleaned your timber floors or not, make sure to aerate your house on a daily basis. You may not have wet your timber floors, but the atmosphere is full of moisture and, as prior mentioned, wood is a highly absorbing material. Without proper aeration, your timber may begin carrying a stuffy smell. Therefore leave your windows open for an hour or two and see the kind of difference it will make on your timber floors. While doing this, make sure to remove any floor rugs to ensure uniform aeration.

Use citrus cleaning products

Citrus fruits have the ability to not only remove bad odours but also leave a fresh and sweet smell. Using citrus cleaning products is one way of having your timber floors deodorised. In case you make your own soap, consider adding citrus fruit peels to your concoction and see the huge difference on your floor. Citrus fruits include lemons, oranges, mandarins and lime.

Add Essential Oils

After cleaning your timber floors with soap and water, consider applying your choice of essential oil to the rinsing water or to the mop you will use to dry them. Although essential oils can be expensive, you can buy them in bulk, which will give you a better deal. You will also notice that the smell will last long therefore the essential oil will last long before you have to replace it. Apply the essential oils to your timber floors before air-drying so that the scent can seep into the wood during the drying process.

Vinegar and baking soda

White vinegar and baking soda are basically saviours when it comes to house cleaning. And they are not only limited to utensils. You can also use this duo on your timber floors. Add the vinegar to your washing water. The vinegar acts as a cleaner and disinfectant as well. Let your timber floors dry after the cleaning and once dry, smear baking soda over the whole floor surface. Be especially generous on spots where the odours seem to be generating from. You can let the baking soda sleep on the timber floors for better results before sweeping it off the following day.

Contact a place that deals in timber floors for more direction on maintenance.