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Why Limestone Is a Great Pick for Your Flooring Needs

Limestone is quickly becoming a favourite among home builders in Australia, especially in areas where limestone is readily available. Unfortunately, it is still slightly underrated as some homeowners choose other popular alternatives such as granite and marble. That doesn't mean limestone is not as effective. A common misconception is that limestone is a soft stone. That couldn't be further from the truth. Limestone can range from very soft to very hard. Therefore, buyers have a wide range of limestone choices to suit their needs. Here are a few reasons to consider using limestone for your flooring project.

Limestone floors are durable

Limestone is a sedimentary rock, which makes it hard and extremely durable. That means it is highly resistant to wear and tear from regular usage, which makes it the best option for flooring within the home and even outdoors. In addition, limestone is gentle on your feet. The smooth and delicate texture of limestone flooring products ensures you don't have to layer every corner of your home with soft carpet to protect your bare feet. When appropriately installed by a professional limestone provider, these stones resist scratches, chipping or staining. Their durability ensures you won't have to spend loads of money refurbishing your flooring any time soon.

Limestone floors are easy to clean

The ease of maintenance of your floors is a crucial consideration every homeowner must make. Nobody wants to spend too much time scrubbing stains out of a floor and eventually failing to do so. That is why limestone flooring is perfect for your property. As mentioned earlier, limestone flooring doesn't stain easily. That means you don't have to employ heavy-duty machines and potent cleaning agents to scrub and mop your floors. Basic sweeping and mopping are sufficient to restore the cleanliness of your limestone floors.

Limestone floors are cost-effective

The fact that limestone is abundant means that the price is incredibly affordable. That makes limestone the textbook budget-friendly choice for your flooring needs. With limestone flooring, you get a durable, beautiful and rich natural product that won't cost more than you can afford.

Limestone floors are a timeless beauty

Limestone has developed in the earth over several years due to intricate geological processes. That is what gives it its unique natural and earthy characteristics. Its inimitable colours, tones and patterns make limestone a valuable product for flooring. Therefore, consider using limestone if you are looking for a product that will give a bit of variation and diversity to your monotonous flooring space.

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