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5 Ways Epoxy Flooring Helps Keep Workers Safe

You'll often find epoxy flooring used in industrial, automotive, and commercial areas. That's partly down to factors such as strength and aesthetics, but epoxy flooring's popularity also owes a lot to its ability to keep people safe. With that in mind, here are just five ways epoxy flooring can help keep workers from harm in even the toughest of working environments.  

1. Improves Visibility

Poor visibility might seem like a minor issue, but it can easily lead to accidents in commercial environments. However, epoxy flooring can help. Thanks to the way light reflects off its surface, epoxy flooring is very good at keeping working environments well-lit and eliminating shadowy dark spots. As an added plus, this can also help you save money and reduce your environmental impact by reducing your reliance on artificial lighting.

2. Provides Dependable Traction

Slippery surfaces can lead to anything from spilled liquids to bad falls. Even if a worker doesn't fall, they can slip into a piece of heavy, sharp, or moving machine and do themselves harm. Epoxy flooring helps prevent this from happening. Though the surface is smooth and unbroken, it will also be treated with anti-slip coating to ensure proper traction under all conditions.

3. Stays Smooth and Even

Once epoxy flooring has been installed, it will harden to create a smooth, unbroken surface that is incredibly resilient to damage. Whether dealing with heavy objects being dropped, heavy machinery being moved, or chemicals being spilt, epoxy is going to stay in good condition. As such, it's unlikely to develop any cracks or chips that could form tripping hazards.

4. Easy to Colour Code

You can have epoxy flooring made in a wide range of colours to suit different styles. More importantly from a safety perspective, you can also use different colours to create different designs. That means you can easily use colour coding to designate certain zones, walkways, or loading bays. You can also have health and safety warnings set right into your flooring. This helps avoid harmful mistakes and maintain an efficient working environment.

5. Helps Control Fires

In the unlikely event of a fire, you'll want to know your flooring isn't going to contribute to the problem. Epoxy flooring does not burn, so it's never going to contribute to the spread of flames. Instead, it will help contain them. Additionally, epoxy flooring will not release any hazardous smoke or chemicals when it is subjected to high temperatures.