Timber Floor Care Tips and Techniques

Reasons To Consider Faux Timber Vinyl Planks in Your Home

When selecting the flooring for a home, you need to consider various aspects. For instance, you should think about how it looks and how it will handle your home's foot traffic. You also need to bear in mind the amount of upkeep it will demand. One flooring option that fares well in these different ways is faux timber vinyl planks. Here are some reasons to choose this flooring.

Moisture Resistant

Vinyl planks consist of several layers fused together. These floors can be installed in any area of your home, including the kitchen and bathroom, where water ends up on the floor. Vinyl planks are waterproof, and they won't become damaged with moisture exposure. So you don't need to worry if someone accidentally spills something. On the other hand, laminate boards can swell, and the layers can separate if water seeps inside. Solid wood planks also suffer in moist environments, as they can warp and rot in response.

Colour and Design Options

One of the layers within vinyl planks is a photograph of timber, which gives the planks their realistic look. The photos may be of different species like blackbutt, spotted gum, or oak. Because images are easily accessible, companies can use non-local timber. For example, no matter where they're located in the world, they could use a photo of American walnut, Norwegian oak, silver gum or grey driftwood. Thus, when choosing vinyl plank flooring, you'll have a wide range of timber species to pick from. The planks will cover a gamut of shades, including silver, grey, ash, tan, brown, mahogany, pink, and red.

Soft and Quiet

Other positive aspects of vinyl flooring relate to how comfortable it is to use day-to-day. Vinyl is softer than solid timber and laminate, so you can stand longer in the kitchen without getting tired. If you have children, they'll have a softer landing if they fall, and plates and crockery will be less likely to smash if you drop them. Vinyl planks are also quiet. If family members arrive home late at night, they can walk on the flooring in shoes without waking up the entire household.

Low Upkeep

Flooring material can quickly lose its appeal if it demands a lot of time and money to keep it looking good. However, you don't have to worry about this with vinyl planks, which are easy to maintain. All they require is standard mopping or sweeping. You won't have to refinish the floor or use special cleansers.