Timber Floor Care Tips and Techniques

The precautions which you need to take before installing a bamboo floor

In the recent years, bamboo flooring has been gaining popularity as a building material due to its affordability, the beauty of its finish and the fact that it is an eco-friendly flooring solution. There is a certain unmatched elegance which bamboo floors add to every home where they are installed. However, just like the many other flooring solutions which exist, bamboo floors have their shortcomings. The best way to make sure that your bamboo floor does not give you a headache after the installation is checking on the possible causes of issues before installation.

Bamboo floors and moisture content

One of the most significant challenges that bamboo manufacturers face at the factory is drying the material completely. The biggest part of the challenge is measuring the moisture content of the material. When the drying isn't correctly done, the material tends to expand both along the length and width. When installing a bamboo floor, you should consult an expert who knows how to use the proper wood moisture meter to measure its moisture content. If you are planning to install the bamboo floor on an on-grade slab, get the right substrates, and also, make sure there are no issues with the moisture content.

Bamboo and mould issues

Most people think that bamboo mould issues come from contact with water after the floor has been installed. The reality is that most of the time, the fungi attack the material after harvesting. Bamboo rots very fast,  and it should be treated immediately after cutting. When the brownish streaks which indicate the presence of fungus are left to affect the material for a long time, it becomes a persistent problem, and the mould might even spread after the floor has been installed.

Bamboo and formaldehyde

Bamboo strips are usually glued together and compressed under immense pressure, using a binding agent. In most cases, urea and formaldehyde are used in the process. The issue comes in when the formaldehyde gasses off during the cutting and sanding of the floor. Anyone who is planning to be on-site during the installation of a bamboo floor should, therefore, wear a gas mask for the sake of their safety.

Bamboo is a great choice for flooring, and has several advantages over its competitors! As long as you look out for these minor difficulties that affect the installation of bamboo floors, you will love your floors. The easiest way to ensure that the flooring material is installed without causing significant complications is to get a reliable flooring contractor for the installation and maintenance. They will know the precautions to take to create a durable and stress-free bamboo floor for you.