The precautions which you need to take before installing a bamboo floor

In the recent years, bamboo flooring has been gaining popularity as a building material due to its affordability, the beauty of its finish and the fact that it is an eco-friendly flooring solution. There is a certain unmatched elegance which bamboo floors add to every home where they are installed. However, just like the many other flooring solutions which exist, bamboo floors have their shortcomings. The best way to make sure that your bamboo floor does not give you a headache after the installation is checking on the possible causes of issues before installation. [Read More]

Thinking of Installing Kitchen Tiles? Consider the Following Factors

Kitchen tiles have become a popular option for many homes due to their convenience and aesthetic appeal. In the past, homeowners who were going for an elegant look would have to resort to natural stone (such as marble and granite). As tile and ceramic options have become more accessible, people have also realised that kitchen tiles allow the home to achieve many different looks and fashionable styles in a convenient manner. [Read More]

Why You Should Adopt Floating Floors Instead Of Traditional Hardwood Floors

If you want to improve the interior d├ęcor of your house, then you should consider installing floating floors. While they have a close resemblance to traditional hardwood floors, floating floors have numerous advantages that set them apart and make them an ideal choice for your house. Below are various reasons why you should adopt floating floors instead of traditional hardwood floors. Ease of installation and replacement The process of installing traditional hardwood floors is involving. [Read More]

Tiles With Style: Why Carpet Tiles Are The Ideal Floor Covering For A Busy Office

If you run an office-based business, you will already know that making your office a clean, attractive and altogether pleasant place to work can have a dramatic positive effect on the productivity and morale of your employees. Choosing a suitable floor covering for your office is a particularly important aspect of making your work space a nicer place to work, and carpet tiles are one of the most popular and widely used covering options. [Read More]