3 Things to Know about Using Cypress for Floor Framing

Flooring restorations and construction offer you the chance to choose everything from the style of flooring to the wood being used. If you are considering different woods for your floor framing, and the benefits of each, then you should consider cypress. Here are three things to know about using cypress wood for floor framing as an option for your flooring project. Rot Resistance One of the main considerations when it comes to flooring is the potential of wood rot. [Read More]

Favourite Types of Floor Tiles

To find the right type of floor tiles for your home, it's good to understand some details about the differences in your various options for tile materials and style. This can then help you decide which flooring tile will be right for your home and will ensure you know what to expect by way of installation and maintenance. Note a few details about some favourite types of floor tiles here. [Read More]

Questions You Might Have About Residential Timber Flooring

If you're thinking of getting timber flooring for your home, you need to ensure you take time with an installer to get all your questions answered properly, before even shopping for a wood variety or species. Note a few of those questions you might have here, so you can more quickly narrow down your options of timber, and know what to buy and how much, so your home's floors look their best after the installation job is finished. [Read More]

Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your Own Deck

It's not typically recommended that a homeowner build their own deck, as this job is often more complicated and difficult than many homeowners realise, and you can easily wind up with a deck that sags or even shifts out of place. A professional deck builder has the tools and know-how needed to ensure a deck is level and secure and will know how to properly seal the wood once the deck is built to reduce the risk of mould and mildew forming. [Read More]