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How to choose the perfect carpet for your room

Are you thinking about purchasing a new carpet? Buying a carpet is a decision that shouldn't be taken lightly since it will be a highly visible part of your home for many years. When you are confronted by an array of different carpet designs and styles how can you decide which carpet would best suit your home?

Does it matter if your carpet is made of natural fibres or synthetic fibres? Do you understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of each type of fibre? Should the carpet be of woven or of tufted design? Does the face weight of the carpet really matter? Is the carpet supplied with a warranty? Each of these factors can have an influence on how well the carpet meets your expectations, but there are really only two factors that will influence everything else.

Is the carpet durable enough? 

Some salesmen will try to persuade you to purchase a carpet based on the face weight of the carpet alone, but this can be a misleading metric if considered alone. The term 'face weight' refers to the weight of just the carpet fibres, not the backing material and isn't always a reliable way to assess the likely durability of the carpet. 

If you have two otherwise identical carpets, then knowing the face weight of each may help. If you have two carpets which differ in their fibre type, fibre twist or general construction then simply comparing the relative face weights of the carpets is not going to tell you anything of value. Consider the amount of wear your carpet must face and choose something that will last for years rather than starting to wear out in six months.

Take samples home

When you have chosen a durable style of carpet you will have to consider the style and colour of the carpet. It is at this stage that it can be especially helpful to bring carpet samples home. Under shop lighting, the carpet may look fine, but when you bring it home and place it next to your existing furniture under different lighting conditions, the effect may be quite different.

If the shop is unable to provide you with a carpet sample, it may be wise to try a different carpet or even an alternative shop. A new carpet is a significant investment, and you can't afford to make an impulse purchase and find that doesn't complement your existing home decor unless you are willing to change the entire room to match the new carpet.