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3 Things to Know about Using Cypress for Floor Framing

Flooring restorations and construction offer you the chance to choose everything from the style of flooring to the wood being used. If you are considering different woods for your floor framing, and the benefits of each, then you should consider cypress. Here are three things to know about using cypress wood for floor framing as an option for your flooring project.

Rot Resistance

One of the main considerations when it comes to flooring is the potential of wood rot. You ideally want a wood that can hold up to water damage or exposure to dampness well. Even if you will be sealing the wood, you still want it to have some resistance on its own. Cypress has a natural resistance to water rot damage as well as decay and fungus that can cause wood damage. This makes it ideal for framing in kitchens and bathrooms where humidity may be higher. This also makes the cypress wood option ideal for areas where humid weather or a heavy rainy season may be an issue. 

Bug Infestation Reduction

Cypress has natural oils that help reduce the chance of bug infestation. These natural oils allow the cypress to be a natural pest control around the floor and prevent bugs from getting into the home. If you live in an area that has a high infestation rate of roaches or other bugs, then this may make cypress and ideal choice for your floor framing and flooring. It also provides a barrier to bugs like termites that can cause a breakdown of the wood and foundation issues with your home. 

Warping Resistance

An issue that many people are concerned with when choosing a wood for their flooring and floor framing is warping. Warping in the wood can cause dips in the floor, uneven flooring, and may cause issues that allow water and debris to get into the flooring. The entrance of debris and possible moisture can cause the flooring to become even more damage and more warping to occur. Cypress naturally resists warping and related damage making it ideal if previous wood warp has been an issue for you.

By considering these three key points about using cypress for floor framing, you can decide if the cypress is right for you. If you are ready to choose cypress framing for your project, let your contractor know. They can help you with your project and choosing the right cypress for the job.