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Tiling Materials that are Commonly used in Flooring

Tiles are a convenient, durable and cost-effective option for the home. They can be used in multiple areas of the interior space, from the bathroom to the living room and kitchen.

Tiles are flexible enough to be designed into many different looks. They can mirror glass, marble, pebble and wood. Here are the main types of tiling materials that can be used for the home. 


Glass tiles are typically used as glass mosaic tiles for areas such as walls and floors. They are popular for forming backsplash walls in areas such as kitchens and bathrooms because they hide stains and other markings well.

They also prevent the growth of mould and the penetration of water into underlying layers. Glass mosaic tiles are popular because they give off a flashy and attractive feel to various surfaces.


Marble tiles give a timeless and appealing look to the home. They are rich and elegant in appearance and can provide a touch of elegance and class. Marble tiles can be designed to mirror the look of authentic natural stone through the multiple colours and veining patterns that can be infused into the tiles themselves.

And when it comes to finishing, you can select from polished and brushed finishes, and even between tumbled and honed choices.


When the word tile flooring is mentioned, most people picture ceramic or porcelain tiles. These are the most common tiling materials used, and they are popular because of their cost-effective and convenient design.

Ceramic tile is also very easy to design and modify, with several colours, shapes and sizes being produced after the manufacturing process. When ceramic tiles are glazed to seal their porous layer, they can be used in multiple areas of the home.

Pebble and Stone

Tiles can also be designed to resemble pebble and stone surfaces, such as those found along riverbanks. The designs that can be used in pebble and stone tiles are truly limitless. You can contrast various tones and colour schemes to make the home truly feel unique. You can also incorporate various textures into the tiles to complete the feel of the entire home.


For the enthusiasts of hardwood floors, wood tile flooring can very closely replicate the rustic feel, warmth and charm of a traditional hardwood floor. Tiles can be polished with the rustic look of wood grain and various finishes that make it difficult to distinguish a real hardwood floor from wood tile flooring.

The tiling materials that are used in homes offer people the flexibility of achieving many different looks at an affordable cost. Contact professional tilers for additional advice.