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Why You Should Adopt Floating Floors Instead Of Traditional Hardwood Floors

If you want to improve the interior décor of your house, then you should consider installing floating floors. While they have a close resemblance to traditional hardwood floors, floating floors have numerous advantages that set them apart and make them an ideal choice for your house. Below are various reasons why you should adopt floating floors instead of traditional hardwood floors.

Ease of installation and replacement

The process of installing traditional hardwood floors is involving. This is because it needs to be considered during the construction process of the house and consists of the use of appropriate fillers. Most of these requirements are not applicable when you choose to use floating floors. You will only be required to pick the right design, and the floors can be laid out over the existing floor. As long as the surface is flat, no special preparation is required before the installation process. In case some of the timber boards become damaged, it is easy to remove the particular piece and replace it without affecting the other boards.

Variety of designs

Numerous designs are available in the market when you are shopping for floating floors. Some of the available timber floating floors include palazzo, stained oak timber, regal oak handcrafted, bespoak, and Balmain oak. For each of these designs, you also have numerous colours that you can select. Such a wide variety is not available when you decide to use traditional hardwood floors. Based on the range of designs available, it is easy to match the interior décor of your rooms with the floors. An example is installing hazelnut coloured stained oak timber in the living rooms and using broadway grey oak avenue timber in the bedrooms.

Easy to maintain

Traditional hardwood floors need to be scrubbed and polished thoroughly to keep them looking perfect. If you fail to follow these guidelines, your floor will look dull and unattractive. Additionally, you should be very careful about the cleaning agents that you use since some of them can react with the hardwood. You will not experience similar problems when you decide to use floating floors since they are easier to clean.

Installing floating floors may seem like an easy task. However, you should always hire an expert to carry out the installation to prevent making mistakes during the process. You can also consult your interior designer to advise on the best designs for the different rooms in your house.