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Tiles With Style: Why Carpet Tiles Are The Ideal Floor Covering For A Busy Office

If you run an office-based business, you will already know that making your office a clean, attractive and altogether pleasant place to work can have a dramatic positive effect on the productivity and morale of your employees. Choosing a suitable floor covering for your office is a particularly important aspect of making your work space a nicer place to work, and carpet tiles are one of the most popular and widely used covering options.

Consisting of individual squares of carpet that can be combined into a continuous floor covering, carpet squares are an excellent alternative to traditional carpet rolls, and are particularly suited to busy office environments. Here are just some of the advantages carpet tiles can bring:

Easy installation

Carpet tiles are far easier to install than traditional carpet rolls, especially when covering larger floors, and a professional installation service can cover an enormous area of office space in a matter of hours. This minimises downtime while your new floor covering is installed, which can put a serious dent in your schedules and your office budget.


While the durability of your tiles will depend on the type and brand of carpet tile you opt for, most examples are enormously durable, and carpet squares designed for use in offices and other commercial buildings are designed to be particularly tough. To maximise the durability of your tiles, consider choosing tiles with cushion backing.

Design versatility

Carpet tiles can be an attractive floor covering option to rival the most expensive carpet rolls, linoleum and vinyl floors. However, the greatest aesthetic advantage carpet tiles bring is your ability to customise your floors by arranging differently-coloured carpet tiles in patterns. These patterns can be used to make your floors more attractive, but can also serve more practical purposes; for example, a 'lane' of distinctly coloured tiles leading around your office can help visitors and new employees find their way around more easily, giving them a path to follow.


Carpet tiles are more comfortable to walk on than other potential options, particularly hard flooring options such as vinyl floors, and tiles with aforementioned cushion backing are particularly forgiving. This comfort will be appreciated by your more mobile employees, such as office runners and roving supervisors, and is especially useful in standing offices.

Sound absorption

Like conventional carpet rolls, carpet tiles are useful for absorbing ambient noise and other distracting sounds that can break the concentration of your employees. An office with carpet tiled floors will be noticeably quieter than one with hard, echoing flooring.

Easy replacement

When a conventional, one-piece floor covering becomes excessively worn in areas that see heavy foot traffic, usually the entire floor covering has to be replaced. By contrast, worn carpet tiles can be replaced individually, saving you significant amounts of time and money and ensuring that your floor covering is always safe and comfortable to use.